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S-5 radiofrequency generator is a matching generatorwhich is suitable for bipolar electrode needle. The bipolar RF ablation system can form current loop in the tissues around the electrode needle, and the current does not pass the other human tissues expect for the tissues around the electrode needle, so it is suitable for the patients with implanted metal devices, such as cardiac pacemaker and so on, in the body.

It has the advantages of both power control mode and temperature control mode successfully, and which forms the distinctive characteristics of S-5 dual-mode control. This kind of generator with dual mode control at the same time in the market is not much, and it can meet the needs of doctors better.

It has the most complete parameters display (power, impedance, temperature, time) function in the market, and which can facilitate doctors to evaluate the condition of the ablation according to the parameters during the operation.

Bipolar RF ablation auxiliary system
Safe and reliable, suitable for the patients with implanted metal device in the body (the patients with cardiac pacemaker)
Dual mode control—power control and temperature control
Provide more choices for doctors
Real time temperature, power and resistance feedback
Facilitate to monitor effectively the ablation process during the operation
Parameters can be adjusted at any time
Easy to operate, suitable for the ablation tumor with irregular shape
Intelligent identification protection device, automatically cut off the RF output when the wrong operation or equipment is not normal
Ensure the safety
Small size, light weight
The occupied operation space is small, and the installation and the movement are convenient.

Coagulative ablation of soft tissue (protocol)
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