Single Needle Electrode
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the slimmest  needle in the market, precise ablation, minimally invasive

The RF current emission area of the single needle product is the white needle tip of the head. The longer the length of the RF needle tip is, the greater the ablation range is. MedSphere has dozens of different specifications and types of singe needle products, including different lengths of RF needle tips, operating lengths and outer diameters of sleeve. The doctor can choose the different diameters of needle tips according to the size of the tumor, choose the different operating lengths according to the depth of the tumor, and choose the different outer diameters of sleeve according to the size of invasive can be bear by the patients. We have the slimmest  (19G) single needle product in the market, and it can achieve the most accurate ablation with minimally invasive. In addition, MedSphere can provide monopoleneedle and bipolar single needle, and among which, the bipolar single needle is suitable for the patient with implanted mental device in the body, such as the patient with cardiac pacemaker, etc.

The slimmest  outer diameter (19G) in the market
Puncture with minimally invasive
Bipolar electrode needle (optional)
Safe and reliable, no need loop negative electrode plate, suitable for the patient with cardiac pacemaker and other metal implants
Real time temperature feedback of therapeutic tissue area
Full real-time monitoring and feedback of temperature in the target area
High quality and smooth insulation coating on the surface of sleeve
Suitable for mobile ablation, avoid thermal injury of surrounding tissue
Using the triangular needle tip produced by American materials andGermanytechnology
Easy to puncture, can be used for percutaneous puncture directly
Hand shank with ergonomic design
Comfortable operation
Sleeve with clear scale
To facilitate intra-operative positioning

Ablation therapy for soft tissue (including tumor)

It is mainly used in the ablation therapy of thyroidtumors , breast tumors and other soft tissues.
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