Internally Cooled Electrode(New)
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the slimmest in the market, bigger ablation area, precision and effective

The RF current emitting area of the internally cooled needle is the white needle tip at the front end, and the sleeve is a hollow water cooling system, which can achieve the circulating cooling for the RF needle tip. Longer the length of the RF needle tip is, larger the ablation range is. Compared with the non internally cooled electrode, the internally cooled electrode has the advantages including larger ablation range, not easy to appear scab and carbonization in the tissue at the needle tip. MedSphere has dozens of different specifications and types ofinternally cooled electrode , including different lengths of RF needle tip, operating lengths, outer diameters of sleeve. The doctor can choose different lengths of needle tip according to the size of tumor, choose different operating lengths according to the depth of the tumor, and choose different outer diameters of sleeve according to the size of the trauma can be bear by the patient. We have the slimmest  (19G) internally cooled electrodein the market, which can achieve the more accurate ablation with minimal trauma, and larger area compared with non-water cooled electrode.

Cooling the needle tip by hollow water circulation system
Larger ablation area and prevent the tissue at the needle tip to appear scabs and carbonization
Smallest outer diameter (19G) in the market
Puncture with minimal trauma
High quality and smooth insulated coating on the surface of sleeve
Suitable for mobile ablation, avoid thermal injury of the tissue
Use the trigone shaped needle tip produced by American material and Germany technology
Easy to puncture, and can be used for percutaneous puncture directly
Hand shank with ergonomic design
Comfortable operation
Sleeve with clear scale
To facilitate intra-operative positioning

Coagulative ablation of liver, lung and thyroid tissue (protocol)
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