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Compatible with more accurate image guide technology of MRI    the first domestic case

All the materials of MedSphere non-magnetic umbrella electrode use non-magnetic materials, and it can be used with the most accurate RF image guidance technology--nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), at present, and it is also a unique non-magnetic RF electrode product in the Chinese market currently. Its basic structure is basically the same as the common umbrella electrode, and it just added an external positioning sleeve. The electrode needle has 8 sub needles, and the sub needle is the RF current transmitting end. Greater the diameter of the claw shaped sub needle is, larger the produced coagulative ablation region is. The doctor can choose different lengths of needle tip according to the size of tumor, choose different operating lengths according to the depth of the tumor, and choose different outer diameters of sleeve according to the size of the trauma can be bear by the patient.

Temperature measurement from  the needle tip---real time feedback of the temperature at the highest point, safe and reliable
Sleeve with clear scale---easy to locate in operation
Sharp edge of the sleeve---accurate puncture
Sleeve with high insulation and thermal insulation layer---to avoid thermal damage to the surrounding tissues
Electrode sub needle with nanometer protective layer---not adhered to the tissue
Anchor shaped design, materials with high strength shape memory---to seize the tumor during operation, and prevent deviation

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